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The Vehicle (Boris) – An Overview

On reflection, it might help if we gave a very short, itemised overview of the changes to the vehicle, from the roof rack down.

Roof Rack: 3.9kg gas bottle, roof top tent, 2nd spare wheel, short handled spade and 2 x folding chairs in zip up bags, flood and spot lights, GPS aerial.

Rear: Spare tyre and wheel carrier; raised reversing light; jaw tow bar/recovery towing point; on the sides: water filling point, water tap and shower and electricity hook up point.

Inside Vehicle: At the rear – storage boxes and purpose built frame; 80L water tank; inverter and battery charger. Rear passenger area – board with fuze box, din sockets and 3 pin sockets; water pump and filtration system; one seat removed for fridge, floor safe, and more storage space; cargo type netting slung under the roof. Front area – dash board area: GPS, satellite phone, iPod player/radio, battery management monitor, 2nd fuel gauge, auxiliary fuel tank switch, and additional din sockets. Elsewhere: 2nd safe in cubby box; heat exchanger under driver’s seat.

Under the Bonnet: Inter cooler, oil cooler, 2nd fuel filter, 3x batteries, additional horn, 2” mandrel bent exhaust.

Front: Bull bar with winch/compressor, twin spot lights, Hi Lift Jack and jacking points; light protectors for driving lights; to the side, as per normal: snorkel.

Underneath: 235/85 MT tyres on 16” steel wheels; 2.5” lift suspension and rear suspension guards; sump guard and a/c guard; 167L auxiliary fuel tank; fuel pusher pump.

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